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Don`t Hide Your Love

Many interracial couples feel that they need to keep their love and their relationship hidden due to the many prejudices that still seem to hang around these days. This is something that can be so hard to do. It can also go a long way in ruining what can possibly be something so beautiful if only you didn’t feel you needed to hide it.

There will always be people that aren’t going to approve of the way you live your life. So what? It is YOUR life and not theirs, and is really none of their business what you do. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, you should be left in peace to enjoy the love that you’ve found. However, sadly, many times that’s not the way things work and you’ll have to learn how to blow off the ignorance of some people.

Too often, these people are members of your own family. These are the ones that should be encouraging you to be happy in your life and in your relationship. It’s very hard for you to realize that your own flesh and blood are willing to stand in your way and risk losing you just to have what THEY feel is best and most appropriate. It’s a sad situation when this happens.

In spite of all of that, when you truly love someone, and are happiest when you are with that person, you must have the courage to come out in the open, and show off how happy you are. You need to let others in on the secret love that you’re sharing with a very special person, whether this person is of a different race than you or not. Love is meant to enjoyed and reveled in.

Don’t let people discourage you from feeling the happiness that you know is different from anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. If it’s your friends that are being critical, find some new friends. You may need to even give your family members the chance to be a part of your life or not. Just remember that people with your best interests at heart are the ones that will be as happy for you as you are for yourself.

Obviously, if you’re involved with a potential serial killer or chronic bank robber, someone SHOULD talk you out of it. However, when your love is simply someone that has a different heritage than you, there’s no reason for anyone to be unaccepting of it. Self-centered people that only care about what they want aren’t those you should listen to. They just want you to do what they see as right. Deep down, they don’t really care about you and your happiness.

Therefore, bring your love out into the open and proclaim your feelings from the highest rooftops. When you find someone to love and who returns your love, even if that person is of another race than you, it’s something to celebrate. Don’t hide your love because you fear what others will say and think. In the end, it really doesn’t matter.

By lovemycolor@SoulMate001

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