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10 Things Not To Do When Dating A Black Woman

Are you interested in interracial relationship?Are you interested in dating a black woman?There are 10 things not to do when dating a black woman.

  1. Try to speak in whatever local dialect is spoken in her home (particularly in the Caribbean).
  2. Add race discussions in every conversation with her friends and family in your attempt to show how “un-racist” you are.
  3. Point out how much different you are than most white people.
  4. Wait until you get married to tell your parents that your girlfriend is black.
  5. Ask her to braid your sister’s hair.
  6. Ask her to go diving / swimming after getting her hair done.
  7. Ask her to go diving / swimming.
  8. Make fun of her for having a hair product with the word “mayonnaise” in it.
  9. Take her square-dancing in a small town.
  10. Forget that you both have had and will have different experiences based on race.

By lovemycolor@soulmate001

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